xstormlive is an external vulnerability scanning service which provides clients with the ability to carry out vulnerability scanning using NCC Group's supplied and maintained 'scanning as a service' platform.


Hackers are constantly scanning internet connected resources looking for vulnerabilities and weak configuration. These hackers are trying to access or disrupt networked systems via unsecure ports, known vulnerabilities or misconfigurations. If exploited these weaknesses can result in costly and embarrassing security breaches. Without proactive regular scanning and monitoring for security vulnerabilities you can never be sure whether your networked systems are secure from internet based attacks. This makes the argument for deploying an external vulnerability scanning and reporting solution a compelling one. NCC Group’s online vulnerability scanning platform - xstormlive helps you to identify where weaknesses lie, what defences need to be improved and what remediation activities are needed to reduce your risk of attack.

xstormlive is a scanning as a service platform hosted in NCC Group’s UK data centre. xstormlive has been designed to deliver:

  1. Hosted solution for external network and web application vulnerability scanning
  2. Scheduled and instant scanning
  3. Unlimited number of scans against a defined number of assets
  4. Authenticated network vulnerability scanning
  5. Multiple scanning engines for wide coverage/discovery of vulnerabilities
  6. Customisable reports
  7. Email alerting for scans and vulnerabilities